Friday, 20 April 2007

I'd be lost without it

A meeting yesterday with Medion UK, the British arm of the German consumer electronics company that rode to success on the back of its Aldi special offers. Medion's products are always solid, good value for money efforts, and the company's entry in the group test of after-market sat navs I carried out for the Indy last year was no exception.

The latest Medion sat navs incorporate the sorts of improvements that you'd expect in terms of software, displays and so on but have an extra ingredient as well - with their curvy casings, they are much more stylish than the company's previous devices which had a slightly sober, rather workmanlike appearance.

Anyway, the extra features are all very well, but in my experience, the main thing you need to look out for is whether, like Medion's models, a given sat nav will accept a full UK postcode as an input address, which saves time and cuts down on errors (some work to a lower level of detail, usually the first digit of the second part of the postcode). More or less everything else is a question of personal taste and preference, and I don't think I've actually come across a bad portable sat nav in all my testing. Even the cheapest, simplest model will do a pretty good job; they all use the same basic GPS data after all.

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