Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Cool Wall Fridge Magnets (2)

Now had a chance to put my Top Gear Cool Wall fridge magnets up.

In my 'Sub-Zero' category, I've got the Aston Martin V8 Roadster, the Alfa Spider, the Alfa 8C, the Skoda Roomster, the Porsche Cayman and the Ford Focus ST.

There are magnets for the presenters as well in the TG set. I'm afraid that while Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May are all brilliant at what they do, they are all in the 'Uncool' category on my fridge door. That's because they're all white middle-class, middle-aged men who are obsessed with cars - there's no way anyone who falls into this category (and I'd include myself in this) can regarded as cool. The mysterious Stig? Now that's a different matter - his magnet is in the 'Sub-Zero' section.


Paula said...

I still have the last 'cool wall' from a couple of years ago up on my filing cabinet at work :-) Interestingly, I chose to bin the pics of the presenters rather than give them uncool status. Begs the question though, if white, middle aged men are out - what does that leave? Oh, and the AM V8 Roadster rocks :-)

David Wilkins said...

Actually, I'm rather hoping they'll issue some more magnets - there's no Audi RS4 on this set, for example - and that definitely deserves a place in the 'Sub-Zero' section!

Paula said...

That's because the RS4 was in the first set. Swap you for the AM Roadster? ;-)

David Wilkins said...

That's an agonising choice - two of my favourite cars!

RICKY J. LEE said...

Big fans of AM, but I've got to say that the AMV8 can't climb that high up rankings to "Sub-Zero" status, not against the far more attractive DB9! I know they are different leagues but any 996 puts the AMV8 in the shadows for day-to-day use. I would even say that I might be thinking a 650i might be better!!
As to the RS4? Again, I going to say cool but not sub-zero..... great engine but flared arches and recaro seats don't take it to the next level!!
Let me throw in something different, M5 Tourer!

David Wilkins said...


Yes, I would have the DB9 in Sub-Zero, but unfortunately there's no DB9 magnet! Ditto no magnet for the closed version of the V8 Vantage, which is the coolest of the lot.

Re 911/996 - at the moment, I've got the GT3 in Cool but not Sub-Zero, although I have got the Cayman, a real favourite of mine, in Sub-Zero. Probably there should be a 911 in Sub-Zero but there are so many of them about now!

BTW, I think mine is probably the only Cool Wall that's got the Ssangyong Rodius and Kia Cee'd in the 'Cool' category as well!

Ricky J. Lee said...

I can see the Ssangyong Rodius in the cool category; any one who has the "balls" to own one must be cool enough t to think what fellow road users think of them driving something so aesthectically challenged!
Again David, I agree with you about the 911/996 and the Cayman - thoygh cool everybody seems to getting one! That may be the only thing that drops them down a level or two as they become so popular, will they catch the BMW disease?

Had a drive in a Phantom on Friday - it may not look to cool, but heh, it definately makes you feel cool!!

David Wilkins said...

Gosh - a Phantom! You've got the edge on me and I've never had a chance to try one!

Ricky J. Lee said...

My best friends CEO has one and we borrowed it for my friends wedding! Fantastic machine, surprisingly rapid for a car of so much weight! Great to drive and even better to be chauffeured around in! I tell you something, I have never had so many admiring glances or comments from pedestrians in my life! We took it through Nottingham city centre on a Friday lunch time - I now know what it must feel like to be a uber-celebrity!