Tuesday, 24 July 2007

What's outside today 12 - Chevrolet Captiva

Going back today. A sound, even pleasant, machine but I can't help thinking that the advertising message - 'premium SUV without the premium' - doesn't really strike the right note.

Our test car was the pricey top-of-the-range model but it didn't have the polish of the Freelander 2 that was on the Verdict recently. Going on about it being 'premium' (not sure I like the word anyway) rather draws attention to that, and away from the basics, which are actually done rather well. I'm not sure the renaming of Daewoo as Chevrolet really works either but that's another subject.

These specific grumbles apart though, and looking at the big picture, the Captiva is another piece of evidence for the growing strength of the Korean industry.

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