Thursday, 7 June 2007

Blast from the past 6 - Citroen DS Coupe 'Le Dandy'

The rarest of the rare.

The late politician, diarist and car enthusiast Alan Clark was a notable fan of the rare two-door convertible Citroen DS 'Decapotable', which was developed by the French coach-builder Henri Chapron. These beautiful cars now fetch eye-watering prices.

This picture shows an example of its even rarer sister model, the closed 'Le Dandy' two-door coupe version, also by Chapron. Snapped at this year's Techno Classica in Essen, it was for sale at EUR135,000.

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Fourwheelsteer said...

I think it says something about the rightness of the Citroen DS that none of the special coupe or convertible versions actually look any better. Ok the decapotable version looks stunning when open but with the roof closed the effect is spoiled.

Doesn't make the 'Le Dandy' any less interesting. Nice to see a view on older cars that isn't just MG, Triumph and Jaguar.