Thursday, 17 May 2007

Blast from the past 2 - Porsche Targa

A few weeks ago, in my write up of the Verdict test of the Porsche Targa 4S I was harping on about the Targa version of the original 911 with its shiny rollover bar (I think it's stainless steel) and pop-out roof panel.

Here's one I saw at this year's Techno Classica in Essen; these shots show the roof arrangement in some detail (click for larger pictures). Much as I like the modern Targa, I'm not sure its sliding glass roof and opening rear window are a great leap forward compared with the original - which, with its seventies glamour, I also prefer to the full convertible version of the 911.


Fourwheelsteer said...

That's a beauty. IIRC the very first Targas had a plastic rear window which was held in by a zip.

David Wilkins said...

Yes, that's right - the fixed rear glass window only came a year or two later.

David Wilkins said...

PS - I think the early zipped versions must be incredibly rare. I've never actually seen one.