Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Blast from the past 4 - Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

In my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful cars ever built. This is the sexy sister of the brilliant saloon and estate versions of the 504, which probably came out on top in 'Car' magazine's famous Giant Tests more often than just about any other model. There was a two-door Coupe version as well.

The 504 Cabriolet and Coupe were introduced in 1969, and later in life they got a bit of a facelift, which meant that they lost the groovy rear lights with which they were originally fitted (see below). In the 1970s, the Coupe and Cabriolet also received the same V6 engine as the big 604, the only 504 variants to be upgraded in this way. If I remember correctly, none of these cars ever made it to the UK - not officially, anyway.


daveriba said...

Dave, can't see it myself. Looks like a Triumph Stag with a bit of an old Mustang stuck on it's arse. Fancy getting a debate going for the best car ever made? For looks, speed, general coolness and the sound of its engine, my vote is for the one and only original Shelby Cobra

David Wilkins said...

Nice to see you calling by Dave! Do you mean best car ever made, or best-looking car ever made?